The April News Blackout Begins…

I’m taking the entire month of April to go free from all news websites. I already don’t watch TV news or read a newspaper – this will be the final step of a complete blackout.

Why? The signal to noise ratio seems to have dropped so much that it’s not worth the investment. All news venues are becoming like local TV news: blood, crime, shock, outrage, sappy features, etc. I spend too much time sifting this stuff for something I actually get some value from.

And I especially seem to get little out of all the current affairs, political, economic and policy wonk news. Subtract the horse race coverage, the he-said/other he-said, repetitive columnists, spin, process stories and so on and there’s not much left that actually matters. Goodbye Ezra Klein*, Wonkblog, Paul Krugman, Dean Baker, Huffington Post, Politico and The Washington Post.

Considering that this goes right to the heart of my day job, this will be interesting. Will I miss anything substantial? Will I notice? Will it affect my job? Or is it all a superfluous time suck?

All I will have in the way of news is writerly blogs, some nerdy sites like i09 that I get through RSS feeds, etc. If there is so much as a silent fart in Star Wars sequels news, I’ll know first thing. Video game releases, important publishing, sci fi or writerly news – I’m all over that

What will I do with all that time on the web instead – look up substance. Blogs that produce useful/interesting information, actual content I can geek out at, and I don’t know, maybe I’ll click around Wikipedia more. Or find sites with new knowledge for me, more Lifehacker-type stuff. Or read more. Or write more.

I’ll let you know in May how it went – and if the blackout will continue.

*Did you really think I would go dig up the links for all these sites I’m not going to pay attention to?


One Response to The April News Blackout Begins…

  1. Interesting. Glad you have not blacked out Star Wars. You are the go to man in DC for news on that topic!

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