The Obesity Conspiracy is published!

What’s the elevator pitch?

It’s Fast Food Nation abducted by The X-Files

Where can I get it?

Available on Amazon, but it will appear soon at other shops on the interwebs. (If you have one in mind that you want to buy from, let me know by emailing me.)

How much does it cost?

$2.99 for Kindle, $9.99 for paperback (the more copies I sell, the more the price will rise, so buy now)

Want more details?

See my previous post. Is that lazy of me? I could repost that info and the cover and all that, but it feels spammy to do it.

But I’m cheeeep. How do I get it for free?

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The Obesity Conspiracy launches 11/1

The obesity epidemic came out of nowhere and everywhere. It has attacked Americans of every sex, age, education, and income. No one knows how it happened or why. Everything and everyone has been blamed for it. And no one knows how to stop it. Intrepid government scientist Dr. Elaine Cassano has dedicated her life to fighting the epidemic, but it’s become personal now that it has started to affect her son.

A bag of tainted chips thrusts her into a shadowy corporate underworld that is hell bent on making Americans obese, even if it means killing off skinny people. With custody of her overweight son on the line, Elaine has to stay one step ahead of corporate ghouls, extraterrestrials, and her own agency’s bureaucrats to expose the conspiracy and save her son. But the shocking truth at the core of the conspiracy will make her question everything.


On sale November 1st in print and e-book from Amazon. Subsequent launches on other platforms will follow so I can drag out this launch as long as possible.

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Chokepoint is now out in print and in e-book

Both Kindle and Nook. Also in trade paperback.

If you are interested in any other formats, send me an email at the mark sarney gee-mail com.

Publishing news: Chokepoint is available for pre-order!

The e-book version of my third Kagent novel, Chokepoint, goes on sale on Amazon on October 10th – this Saturday! You can pre-order the book right now! Do it, or a bounty hunter will run you down and zap you with a dozen old, clattering drones.

Gratuitously large cover reveal begins NOW:



Nick and Pam chose the worst time to start a family. Craig Lassiter’s Stabilizers have cut off Earth’s exports to the offworld settlements. Floating Venusian cities begin to crumble as fuel prices spike, causing Tessans to starve, and the offworld economies to grind down into an existential depression. 

And this offworld disaster is where Nick and Pam are forced to find refuge, because Earth is worse. 

Borbola has besieged the Kagents on all sides: they are demonized in the media, they lost access to Earth’s databases, and the bounty hunters are killing them. It’s all Nick and Pam can do to avoid the bloodbath and leave Earth for the last time. 

The Kagents have one lousy chance to save the offworld societies: defeat an overwhelming bounty hunter force on Venus, and gain control of Earth. But when the battle goes south, the best Nick can hope is that his death will be enough to save all offworlders, including his newborn child.

The paperback version will be out shortly, for those of you who want to feel the creamy pages of heart-thumping action in your wee sweaty hands.

Twistpoint (Kagent #2) is published!

Twistpoint-800 Cover reveal and Promotional

You can buy it at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, and Smashwords, in paperback or e-book.


Two years after the Kagents defeated the Stabilizer Alliance, offworld societies and the Earth cities that trade with them are thriving. The Stabilizers are adrift as the militant and pacifist factions wrestle each other for control.

Nick Lincoln’s Kagent models project that the Stabilizers have to choose between coexisting peacefully with offworld societies or destroying them. He embarks on a one-man quest to twist the Stabilizers into choosing peaceful coexistence, in part because he hopes it will help reunite him with his Stabilizer family.

But the Stabilizer militants’ crafty leader, Craig Lassiter, is already pushing the Alliance’s leaders towards sabotaging the offworld economies. All nonviolently, of course.

Nick must risk everything to stop Lassiter before it’s too late. But all his projections of the future haven’t prepared him for the betrayals and the heartbreak he will face along the way.


$1.99 for the ebook, $11.99 for the paperback. These are the lowest the prices will ever be. The longer you wait to buy, the higher the price.

Prices crash on Crashpoint

As part of the worldwide marketing campaign ramp up to the release of Twistpoint (Kagent Series: #2), I’m lowering the price of Crashpoint’s e-book to $3.99, and the print edition is now $14.99.

I’ll report the results of the extensive voting on the Twistpoint book cover just as soon as I have the accountants double-check the ballots and search for hanging chads. (Because I already deployed my excellent counting skills and screwed it up once.)

Help choose the cover of the next book!


The next book,Twistpoint (Kagent Series: #2) currently is surrounded by AI-operated robots who are hammering it together right at this moment.

I want you to help pick the cover. Thanks to the good folks at Streetlight Graphics for creating these book covers.

Now, it’s the second book in a trilogy, so the cover follows the same kind of themes and elements of the first. And yes, the cover’s image has something to do with a pivotal moment in the book.

Which do you like the best? Vote here: